The tests give him the possibility to freely choose hair, make-up, style and photography and retouch and if needed, layout. Building sculptures of faces and taking pictures of them, gave him an additional passion in art.


The experience of more than 30 years in the fashion world gives him the contact to many agencies, models, actors, musicians and other people in the showbiz.

At the age of 22, he was based in the Canary Islands where he began to experiment by combining sculptures,

music, photography and printmaking.

The subject matter of his work is the celebration of his happy childhood and the inspiration for art and the

human being.


Model testing is George’s favorite form of artistic development. The tests refineing the talent to set models into the right light. In contrast to other photographers, George loves to test.


George stands for artwork and specializes in fashionable large-format pictures. He belongs to the  upcoming artists around the world.


Inspired by photography, painting and his handmade scultptures, he developed a technique with components made of paints, dyes and coatings.

George Maxwell`s artistic career began in his early teen years with a passion and fascination for photography, music production, sculpture building and design.

He started to take pictures at the age of 9 and never looked back. At the age of 13 he started to design clothes because he could not find what he was looking for.


Soon he had private orders from freaky people who loved his creations. His artistic drive led him to the production of electro music in the 80`s

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