ROSADO 97cm x 97cm
  • ROSADO 97cm x 97cm

    It all goes up in smoke. Can time go up in smoke, or does it make all the smoke around us appear indistinct?


    With his unique technique, George combines high-quality canvases with works of art with Alu-Dibond panels. The high-quality canvases are partially printed, painted with acrylic, sprayed with spray paint and processed with other materials. After the connection with Alu-Dibond, the work is coated again with acrylic, spray paint and then with several layers of special synthetic resin. George's works of art are of such high quality that you could even leave them out in the rain without any loss of quality.

    Almost all of George's artwork say please touch, yes you heard that right. Unlike most artists, George encourages the viewer to touch his work. Blind people enjoy a unique emotional feeling. George's works of art are a very special experience for everyone.